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Do you want to rank higher in Google search? Otherwise, you don’t have to read this article and you can go about your day. And if you do, stick around for a few minutes, you’ll be surprised how easy, efficient and quick you can support yourself using Private Blog Networks (PBNs) and strategies. Your SEO.

For those new to PBNs, we will introduce them to you soon. For those who are already familiar with this series, you have probably heard many stories about these bad boys. So, put your prejudices aside and listen to the truth of a seven-figure PBN seller: Saket Wahi. Content
What is a Personal Blog Network (PBN)?
Why are PBN’s afraid? Is this fear of private blogging networks correct?
This is true PBN
I made 7 figures as a PBN seller
What is a Personal
 Blog Network (PBN)? Personal Blog Networks (PBNs) are networks of websites designed to provide backlinks that improve your site’s monetization potential.

PBN works
 by buying a bunch of high-quality expired domains that are licensed. Once the network is installed, the sites are used to create basic blogs that include links to the main site that directs all the juice that the PBN website has.

While some experts believe that PBNs can help increase your rankings, others say that they are bad for SEO. This article will hopefully convince you why you shouldn’t worry too much about using a PBN.

Why are PBN’s afraid?
 are widely classified as black hat by search engines. In fact, anything can be classified as blackhat – AI content, guest posting, niche editing, etc.

The thing is, people are amateurs when it comes to PBNs. They will stick to the awareness link thinking they are playing it safe. But their enthusiasm stops as soon as Google updates start and their status drops!

 the question should be: is there a 100% secure link policy? And the answer is no, not really. You see, Google has a love-hate relationship with all backlinks. It’s not about the type of backlink you choose to do, it’s how you do it. You can trust me when I say that I have seen more sites with advertising backlinks than PBN backlinks.

Check out these screenshots:

As you can see, these two different sites of similar niches focus on the same keywords. The first ahrefs graph shows a website with hundreds of well-aware link pools over time. Just kidding, it’s our client’s competition. Now in the second graph, you can see our client who got hundreds of PBN links every month and survived every update.

Is this fear of private blogging networks correct? So, should PBN be feared? I think results speak louder than words!

As search engine crawlers develop more effective ways of detecting bad SEO practices, black hat SEO strategists are becoming more sophisticated. Therefore, it is not the policy of the PBNs themselves that you should question. This is how the seller knows!

There are many bad SEOs who also damage the reputation of SEO in general because they use outdated or impatient methods, etc. These people will say that SEO is dead.

This is true PBN
Link building is one of the best ways to improve the quality of your site. Getting PBN links on your site will produce better short and long term results if you think about optimizing them properly. Be sure to test our PBN links against the advertising guys you have on your list. Consider, check and you will become a PBN lover.

I made 7 figures as a PBN seller
I have been in the PBN game for over 5 years. I have a wide and rich network that consistently delivers amazing results to my clients. What’s the secret to a powerful and sustainable personal blogging network? The in-depth knowledge of the maintenance required for the network is useful to those who always try new PBN methods and find ways to get the most out of the PBN link juice.

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